BreadCrumbs Backstage Pass: Sharing our Story

You know how you read a story about a company like Google, Apple, Facebook or Tesla and you wish you had a front row view of how it all came to be: the early days. Or read a story about Warren Buffett and how he became a successful investor, but then you realize most of key lessons happened decades ago.

Won’t it be nice to ride along as the story unfolds, gleaning from the ups and downs, successes and mistakes.  Well, we share that same sentiment and desire to be an open book as the journey unfolds for BreadCrumbs and Syndeo.

We have no clue where this will all be 9 months or 2 years from now. But, we have a dream of a world more explored as a result of you and I being more deeply connected with those in our circle.

So, join us and take a front seat. Our blog is your backstage pass. Take a peek in and I hope what you learn will be our gift to you, as we cook up an even more valuable gift of an app experience we hope enriches your life.

Get started with our learning below:

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