Our Manifesto

Just Go!

Everyone is born with a mind for curiosity.
Harnessing and transforming the ‘longing to know more’ into experiences not only shapes our outlook on life, but impacts our world view and ultimately the quality of our lives.

The drive and willingness to go and explore the expanse of this world we live in – be it our neighborhood, a city, country or continent is not new. For thousands of years we as a species have been drawn in to satisfy our need to experience the world in a richer and perhaps in a more vivid sense.

Bread Crumbs provides a unique community with a motivation to step out of our comfort spaces to experience life in a whole new light, finding beauty in the mundane and pausing to enjoy each moment.
To go and discover the beauty around us – from the simplicity of our backyards to the majesty of the Himalayas, from the deserts of the middle-east to the rain-forests of the Amazon; we are a safe place to share unique experiences with friends, to draw from the exploits of others and make them your own.

Behind every photo is a story, embedded in every journal are tangible reflections.
Come – let us experience it all together.

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