Introducing BreadCrumbsHQ: The Ground Breaking App That’s Redefining Trip Planning

You’ve saved up your money and vacation days for months and now you finally have the chance to plan your long-awaited trip to Europe. You decide on the countries to visit, consult Wikitravel and TripAdvisor, and purchase a few Lonely Planet guidebooks to help you plan.

But as you research, you are quickly faced with an overwhelming number of choices. There are so many hotels and hostels, but what is the best one for your own specific needs? So many tourist sites to choose from, but which ones are truly worth seeing? You have packed for trips before, but you wonder if there are any special items you should pack for this vacation.

It’s a common problem that travelers face – there are a huge number of options and it’s a real struggle to narrow them down. You want to speak with some locals or people who have been there to get some real, insider information. Or maybe you are concerned that the reality of a location is different from what you discover in a Google search. Pictures of Rome might show the beauty of the city but not how incredibly crowded with tourists it is.

If only there were a platform where you could easily get travel recommendations from people you know and trust. Introducing BreadCrumbs, a location based travel app that meets this need. BreadCrumbs is a platform where you can get personal travel tips from family and friends.

Most travel guides and trip planning sites give you basic information about where to go and what to do, but finding more detailed information online is a challenging and sometimes impossible task.

Maybe you want to avoid the tourist traps and find out where the locals go to enjoy a meal or a night out on the town. What better way to find out than by chatting with a friend or family member who has actually been there? They are the ones who best understand your preferences and can offer you travel suggestions that suit your tastes.

Since these people are in your close circle, you can easily follow up with them via a text message or phone call to find out more about their travel experiences. It’s like having a personal TripAdvisor through your friend’s eyes.

Even better, BreadCrumbs simplifies your search for custom travel hints so that you don’t have to email your entire itinerary to family and friends. It not only helps you use your contacts to discover must-see places but makes searching for and organizing the feedback simpler.

BreadCrumbs makes it easy to find places and experiences you will likely enjoy, to discover opportunities to mingle with the locals, and to add more people to your contact list. This location based app will help you to plan better vacations, to have more meaningful travel experiences and to better explore the world.

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