Breadcrumbs UI Reveal: Making Access and Discovery as Easy as 1-2-3

Ever had a “Pinch me, I might be dreaming” moment?
It’s that moment when an experience feels surreal. It’s exciting and dreadful at the same time.
You are almost bursting at the seams with excitement. Yet, it feels dreadful because you fear the moment might slip away and might turn out to be an illusion.
That’s what we are feeling right now at Syndeo.
It started with a dream and it has evolved into more . A more convenient way to discover and capture meaningful moments and memories.
A platform to tap into point of interest recommendations from people you trust. All without the noise and tension that we are often bombarded with on social media.
We have been on that journey and now we are closer to making it real.
In this post we’ll be walking through the current UI and the ‘why’ behind each design choice. Final UI might look a little different, but should stay close.
Let’s get to it.

Access Granted

Screenshot 2017-11-19 12.15.33

We wanted to make it real easy and safe to signup or try the Breadcrumbs app.
You can signup using your Google or Facebook accounts. This allows you to reuse credentials you can remember. No need for Breadcrumbs to store any passwords.
Additionally, you can try the app out first before signing up. We are confident we’ll delight you enough to keep using the app.
One catch with the ‘Try Now’ option is that we can’t guarantee you won’t lose your bookmarks (crumbs). If you’ll sign out, uninstall the app or log in from a different device consider linking your accounts.
At the very least, you get the convenience of checking the experience out before committing

Bookmarking or Creating a Crumb

Screenshot 2017-11-19 14.26.46


Once logged in you immediately see a list of nearby points of interest around you. The app needs this to show you nearby points of interests. So, remember to accept sharing your location with the app.
From here you can get a quick view of the location and Google reviews for each nearby point of interest. Use the search bar to further refine the results or find a specific place of interest.

It All Starts with Discovery

Starting with Search and Discovery
You now have a glimpse of how Breadcrumbs helps you search and discover nearby points of interest. But, there’s more.
In our next UI reveal you’ll see how Breadcrumbs makes capturing points of interest really easy.
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