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Breadcrumbs UI Reveal 2: Capturing Meaningful Moments Like a Boss … With One Tap

It was around Thanksgiving 2 years ago while visiting family.
The food was great and you have a friend who is going to be around the same spot. Yet, for some reason you can’t quite remember the name of the quaint restaurant you stumbled upon.
Was it …? No … it must have been …. Never mind. If you remember or find where you wrote it down, you’ll call her up and let her know to definitely check it out.
Ever had one of those moments?
We experience life at a rapid pace. There’s nothing as sweet as reliving or sharing wonderful moments and experiences. If only there was a simple way to capture and track those points of interest making it easy to recollect
A big bonus would be having a way to capture these locations with ease. Ideally, with a single tap.
Well, you won’t have to wait long because BreadcrumbsHQ will allow you do that. We built this platform to make it easy for you to discover and capture meaningful moments and memories.
Like we shared in our previous UI reveal, it’s been quite a journey and now we are closer to making it real. The experience starts with making access and discovery as easy as 1-2-3. Once you discover those unique points of interest, you should have a way to preserve the memory.
In this post, we’ll be walking you through how you go about capturing a point of interest. We also walk through how you can rediscover them at a later time.

Leaving Bookmarks and Making Impressions

IMG_5202 2

So, you searched for a nearby point of interest or you happen to be right there (can’t hide our live for Chipotle).
From the search results you have the option to bookmark the place or leave an impression.
The bookmark allows you to capture the point of interest in one tap. That’s it. You don’t have to do more. Once you do this you should see the point of interest in your timeline.
But, what if you wanted to leave yourself a quick note or a reminder of your impression. Well, that’s what the comment button allows you to do.


Pretty cool, right?
Thanks to our friends over at Yalantis for inspiring us to match the ratings with emojis (you rock).
Either way you capture the point of interest it shows up on the timeline. With that you have a way to track those places that stuck out to you during a trip. You also have a way to record how you felt about the experience in that moment

IMG_5204 2

Where’s The Beef?

You are probably thinking it’s cool to note the name of a place, along with some notes and impressions. Yet, how do you get more details on this place to decide if it’s worth checking out?
Some Google reviews, along with actual contact info and directions would be handy.
Well, we’ve got you covered.
If you tap on a point of interest from the search screen or timeline you get access to all this info. You can also bookmark or make a note from here as well.


Only the Beginning

This is our first step to address some of the frustration you feel. Frustration with discovering, capturing and recollecting points of interest. We want to nail this and would get your thoughts.
We have a lot more in mind to do, but in reality this is about you. Send us a note and follow our blog to stay in the loop. We’ll be announcing when this goes live and want you to join us on this journey.
Be sure to show us some love by leaving us a comment below, sharing, liking, and tweeting about this.

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