7 Things Solo Women Travelers Should Never Go Without

One of the biggest dilemmas women, especially rookie travelers face is to zero-down on what to carry and what to leave behind on a trip. Thankfully, a lot of smart women travelers wandering solo for quite some time now have shared a lot of advice for their fellow women travelers. Still, the sheer number of checklists can confuse anyone. Ladies, while you’re deciding and segregating everything from the tiniest of earrings to a large pullover, make sure you don’t forget these ten must-haves when you’re out there traveling on your own.


A scarf is a multi-purpose piece of accessory. You can style a bland outfit with it. You could use it to shield your head or face from the excessive sun. In case it becomes excessively cold, you can also use it to warm yourself. In fact, many places of worship around the globe also require women to cover their heads with a piece of cloth. The best part is that this amazingly useful piece of clothing is flimsy and doesn’t take up much room in your luggage. You can even carry it around in your purse!

Small Sized Toiletries

It’s granted your lotions and creams need to go with you, but you don’t need to take that large-sized bottle lying on the shelf along. For one, you’ll not be using all of it on one trip. Secondly, almost all beauty and healthcare brands sell small, sample-sized bottles and pouches of their products. These are especially useful when you’re traveling. They fit comfortably into a small polythene bag or a travel pouch. You don’t have to rely on buying these from your destination, and once they’re exhausted, you can simply discard the empty bottle.

Hand Sanitizer

One of the first “stay healthy while traveling” advice by health experts is to wash your hand before putting it in your mouth every time. All that tasty food from world-famous cuisines can sure make your mouth water. But honestly, do you remember the last thing you touched? A hand sanitizer can come in handy when you’re not near a water source. This is especially true if you’re camping, on a safari, or are traveling around in an impoverished country.

Personalized First-Aid and Medical Kit

We’re talking over-the-counter medicines, some cotton, and prescribed medicines (if any) in dosages to last the length of your entire trip. Don’t forget the face and the body sunscreen. Even a little bit of sun anywhere across the globe can harm your skin, if not a sunburn. Wipes, be it wet or dry, also come in handy to wipe untidy seats and can also be used as a make-up remover. Lastly, even if you’re not expecting it to be that time of the month, keep the sanitary pads and the tampons with you. Sanitary pads can also be used to stop excessive bleeding from wounds. Few women also swear by sanitary cups instead of the regular pads and tampons. All in all, just include anything that you think you might need in case of health emergencies.


Planning on breakfast by the pool and dinner on the lakeside? But are you sure you can stand that temptation of munching in-between meals? We know women hate to look at the scales once they’re back from a vacation. Save yourself of some of the guilt by resorting to healthy munchies you can chew on when hunger strikes. With some nuts, dry fruits, and energy bars in your bag, you can save all the delicacies for major meals of the day. Plus, you can always satiate your hunger in case you find yourself stranded somewhere without edible food for some time.

A Pair of Comfortable Jeans

You might be tempted to carry all your favorite garments along as a rookie. But once you start traveling often, you’ll notice that comfort will overrule all your clothing requirements. A pair of comfortable jeans answers all your travel-outfit needs. It’s durable, won’t rip off easily in case of stretching. It’s safe. Doesn’t bare anything. It has pockets. You can have the most important bits of paper on you. A pair of dark colored jeans can even camouflage dirt stains and go on for days at a stretch. Pair this up with a comfortable pair of sneakers, and you’re set to deal with even the most uncomfortable of situations easily.

Fully Charged Phone and a Power Bank

Need we emphasize the versatile uses of a mobile phone for a modern-day globe-trotter? A compass, a map, a phonebook, a guide. Let’s face it. The reason most of us are traveling alone is that we have everything we need at our fingertips. Why compromise then, on a solo traveler’s sole companion? When you are treading the streets on a vacation, you never know when you’d be near a power socket next. Make sure you charge your phone and refill your power bank to its fullest as and when you find a charging socket.


Of course, if there’s something else that you can’t entirely go without, feel free to add it to this list. Once you’re done, stick it where you can see it and let it be the last checklist you go through the next time you’re hitting the roads. Equipped with the essentials, you’ll feel a lot safer no matter who you travel with and where you go.


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