Breadcrumbs UI Reveal 3: A Surefire Tip to Getting Rid of Junk Mail and Filtering Through the Information Noise

It’s been a long day.

It’s also been a few days since you checked the mail. Or was it yesterday? As you walk towards the mailbox you start pondering what you might be having for dinner.

You get to the mailbox and peek in.

Yup! You’ve got mail. A slight sense of anticipation washes over you. Any surprises? You start to wonder.

You reach in and grab the stack of mail. In an instant the letdown replaces the anticipation. You only had to glance past the first two envelopes. More junk mail.

Dealing with Junk Mail … and Junk Information

Unless you are expecting a package, picking up your mail is not the highlight of your day. It is pretty obvious why.

Sorting through mail is not a fun activity and at times this can get overwhelming. As overwhelming as it can be to manage the information overload that you deal with on a daily basis. Hold on … Was that another notification?

Facebook, Twitter, email and it goes on. A constant stream of information to sift through. How can you effectively pick the signal amidst all the noise?

Here’s one surefire way.


If you live in the US, do you know you can actually opt-out of unsolicited mail? By doing this, you are essentially installing a filter between yourself and all that junk.

This way you improve your chances of seeing only stuff you likely care about.

A filter goes a long way on platform on which you are likely to encounter a stream of options. It minimizes sorting and simplifies the decision making process.

When you are deciding on a point of interest to explore, the simpler the steps the better. That’s why we’ve built a filter just like this on BreadcrumbsHQ and it’s called Interests.

Making Your Interests Known

You already know how we prioritized making access and discovery as easy as 1-2-3. And, with a single tap you are now capturing meaningful moments like a boss. Now you can select specific interests and deal with less noise.

As shown in the UI below you simply go over to your user profile and expand the interests option.

Note: You can only use this if you signed up or log in. Logging in also helps make sure you don’t loose your points of interests.

Screenshot 2018-01-22 16.52.19

These Interest Filters include everything from:

  • Fitness
  • Health and Beauty
  • Outdoors
  • Shopping
  • Theme Parks
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Dining & Night Life
  • Pets
  • Tours

These filters, combined with your keyword search, help you cut through the noise.

Our goal is to get you to what you’re interested in as quickly as possible. We do this while allowing enough room to discover new things.

A lot of platforms try to assume your interests by tracking your historical searches, what you click on or how long your view a message on display. But, we realize that sometimes it easier if we gave you the chance to tell us explicitly.

Driving Context and Personalization

This is another baby step for us. Another step to address some of your frustration around discovering and filtering options. Options of nearby points of interest as well as interests in a location you are planning a trip to. And as we always say, we want to nail this and would love to get your thoughts.
We have a lot more in mind to do, but in reality this is about you. Send us a note and follow our blog to stay in the loop. Interests should be rolling out in our next iOS App release and want you to let us know what you think.
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