Breadcrumbs Spotlight: Balance Café

It is as easy to talk about eating healthy and fresh as it is difficult to get that kind of food served to you on a platter. Tracy Morgan of Balance Café knows this. More than two decades of experience- both on-and-off the counter – in the corporate catering industry has helped Tracy perceive the true quality of food being served across most of the … Continue reading Breadcrumbs Spotlight: Balance Café

Breadcrumbs Spotlight – Kala Coffeehouse

In a world that shuffles under our feet, sometimes the only solace to a day would be to enjoy a good cup of coffee. And just like its many flavors, the rituals are almost as colorful – I’ve seen people rush past in the wee hours of the morning with coffee-on-the-go and furiously checking their phones for the next tram connection, people in coffee shops … Continue reading Breadcrumbs Spotlight – Kala Coffeehouse