Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With Pets

When a pet lover’s world collides with that of a traveler, the intersection creates a dilemma even before the vacations are in sight. Falling in love with a pet comes at a price, as business, leisure, or relocation may bring a pet owner to a standstill. Thankfully, the world is becoming more pet-friendly as the landscape of pet ownership looks to be changing for the better, with a lot more people choosing to travel with their pets than before.

We now bring to you; the best travel hacks when you are traveling with your pet!

Your Pet has a Mind of its Own

Every pet’s temperament is as unique as the pet itself. You would be surprised to know that not all pets enjoy going out for extended periods of time. A survey by Pet Relocation sheds some light on this. It is estimated that only about 58% of the canines and 22% of the felines are willing to embark on a journey. Then again, your pet may be unique in its demeanor and may or may not be willing to step out of your house, if given a choice. This case exceptionally holds true for all pets who’ve come of age or those who are sufferers of special medical conditions.

Medical Checkups and Care

Having convinced your pet to travel along and having made up your mind for the same, a physical analysis of your pet’s health is a must before embarking on that journey. Interstate travels, airlines and some hotels require you to submit a proof of your pet’s updated rabies ‘shots and other vaccinations. Getting a health certificate ten days before departure should be on top of your to-do list.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have your pet checked, just as a precursor, and educate yourself about any conditions that may arise during the journey. Experienced veterinarians further offer cautionary guidelines and getting pet medical kits (complete with pet sunscreens, heartworm, anti-tick, and other prescribed medications) depending on the nature of your travel.

Identify Your Pet with Yourself

The last thing you want to do is lose your pet on vacation. Get a microchip embedded on your pet in addition to a rudimentary collar which reads aloud your name, your immediate contact number, and your place of stay along with its contact number in a local and global language. In case your pet gets excited over sprawling grasslands or long-winding boulevards and goes around sniffing without you knowing, an empathetic local might be able to trace your pet back to you.

Prep ‘em Up for the Fun!

A few days before the trip, let your pet know of the significant change of air they should be expecting soon. This is especially relevant in the case of a road trip. You can start with short rides in the backseat, gradually prepping up the speeds and lengthening them. The basic idea behind everything is to prevent the travel experience from coming in as an uncalled distress. How would you feel if you’d find yourself tethered to the backseat of a moving car in a crate, and that too in the middle of the night?

Your Pet Deserves a Well-Guarded Palanquin

During travel, crates are an embolism of the very quality that they are scoffed-at for: confining your pet in a limited space. A travel-approved crate is designed to be equipped with adequate ventilation, waterproof soft bottoms, and sufficient space for the pet to lie down, stand, and move about. As opposed to a cloth crate, plastic crates with metal fasteners lined with your pet’s blanket are suitable for all types of journeys. When it comes to traveling, an unrestrained freedom, unpleasant transport, infected air and unsafe spaces are some of the last things you want your pet to be subjected to. And yes, don’t forget to tag your pet’s crate with an identification label as well.

Remember to Carry Their World Along

So you thought you were the only one you’d have to pack for? Food and water are undisputed essentials you must carry in plenty along with you. A toy with the feels of familiarity is also a strong recommendation from frequent travelers. For one, unforeseen, enthralling adventures with penurious resources are not your pet’s thing. Secondly, supplies on the road are scarce and sourced from different brands across states, pet foods vary in their sources. A sudden change in diet is bound to upset its stomach and make it sick.

Check for Everything Pet-Friendly

The world comes in all shapes and sizes, and thus, not everyone we come across would love being around a pet. Thankfully, there are quite a few travel facility providers who consider the accommodation of a pet as another member of the family. Pet Relocation, Go Pet Friendly and Bring Fido are websites dedicated exclusively to the small, albeit important, chunk of travelers wanting to bring their pet along on their adventures. These sites help you find hotels, airlines, and other pet-friendly facilities in your travel destination’s neighborhood and also answer your pet travel queries.

Today, an increasingly higher fraction of travelers are mingling work and fun with their four-legged furry buddies. If a recent survey by Nature’s Recipe is to be believed, two-thirds of pet owners wish they could take their pets with them on vacations, but only half of them manage to. Luckily, the world is becoming more pet-friendly, and hospitality partners hold their guests comfort as their top priority. With travel resources going an extra mile to ease your travel woes, it shouldn’t be hard to take your pet along with you any longer.


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